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Forward Leeds

Forward Leeds is a support organization dedicated to helping individuals with alcohol and/or drug issues. They offer a wide range of treatments and allow individuals to set their own recovery goals, whether that involves stopping substance use completely or reducing consumption.

Services offered by Forward Leeds include one-on-one support, group therapy, support for family members, health and wellbeing checks, support on harm reduction and overdose prevention, substitute medication, detox services, peer mentors, and specialized support for complex needs such as housing, enduring mental health issues, or pregnancy.

Individuals begin their journey with Forward Leeds by meeting with a worker to assess their needs and establish clear recovery goals. Throughout their time with the organization, individuals work towards achieving these agreed-upon goals, while also being encouraged to attend appointments and take advantage of group work and other daily activities.

Forward Leeds emphasizes that the recovery process is led by the individual, as they are the ones doing most of the hard work. The organization’s staff, many of whom have had personal experience with alcohol or drug issues, provide their expertise and support throughout this process.

When individuals are ready to leave Forward Leeds, they are introduced to the Sustained Recovery team and 5 WAYS, a resource that provides further one-on-one support and offers a community of like-minded individuals working towards recovery. This support structure aims to help individuals sustain their recovery in the long term. You can call them on 0113 887 2477 or email

St. Anne’s Community Services

St. Anne’s Community Services located in West Yorkshire, England, is a rehabilitation service offering support to individuals with alcohol misuse issues. They do not provide services for drug misuse.

The program includes detoxification and follows an eclectic approach, integrating cognitive behavioural principles, motivational interviewing techniques, and a therapeutic communities model. The first stage of the program typically lasts 13 weeks and incorporates regular mandatory alcohol testing.

Support offered includes:
1. Supported housing and resettlement
2. Education, training, and employment
3. Female only groups
4. Post-treatment support through online and in-person meetings

The program emphasizes shared responsibility among peers and group workers. Clients and their support networks participate in Social and Behavioral Network Therapy, with ‘network events’ where rehabilitation programs and aftercare needs are discussed.

Visiting hours for rehabilitation are from 6.30 pm-9 pm on Fridays and 2 pm-9 pm on weekends. Detoxification visitor hours are arranged on a case-by-case basis. Children are generally discouraged from visiting due to the nature of the service and limited facilities.

For post-treatment support, the service provides a weekly support meeting for clients who have completed the rehabilitation program. Those from the Leeds area are reintegrated to community-based aftercare services provided by Forward Leeds. Housing support is also provided for clients with housing-related problems to assist the transition to independent living.

The service has a treatment completion rate of 85%, with 10% dropping out and 5% withdrawn by the provider.

In the event of a client leaving the program early, management plans are created, and referral to community support services is made available.

You can contact St.Annes on 01132434486 or email